is it vegan?

yes. everything is vegan, meaning there is no dairy, eggs bone char, gelatin, or any other animal products commonly found in baked goods.

The owner and head baker is vegan so everything made is also vegan.


do you have a storefront?

no, we don’t have a physical storefront. we rent out a commercial kitchen but have no physical space to sell our items. that’s why we’re strictly a pop-up bakeshop (meaning we partake in events around san diego) and take custom orders.


where can we find your items?

the only place we actively deliver items to is loving hut (only mira mesa location) every wednesday.

we update our instagram page most for any pop-ups we have coming up. (@florabakeshop)


do you have any items lying around for purchase today?

no we don’t. we are a small batch bakery with only two (sometimes just one) baker. everything we make is to order so we never have any extra cupcakes/cakes/brownies lying around ever.


gluten free options?

we can make most of our cakes/cupcakes gluten free.

the main base for dry ingredients is almond meal and a gluten ancient grain mix. for a full list of ingredients, contact us.


how far in advance should i place an inquiry form?

we ask for a minimum of two weeks for any type of custom order. we like to remind our customers that each item is handmade and done from scratch. it’s a long process to make a celebration cake (from responding to the inquiry form, getting the ingredients, assembling, then delivering.)

we hate having to turn people away that ask for an item the day before. but please remember we are humans with other obligations besides the business. so if you want a special cake for a special day, request asap!