who is flora?

Hello! My name is Camille :) owner and baker at Flora Bakeshop. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to open my own bakery, so I finally decided to get the ball rolling. The name "Flora" was inspired by the term "flora & fauna." Given that this is an all vegan bakery, it'd only be fitting to get rid of the latter. I also love nature and all things floral, and thus "Flora" was born.

I'm currently in my last year of college, studying Nutrition. I knew from the get-go that I didn't want to do anything clinical because I just loved the food service side of my major. I told myself that if I still wanted to pursue my own bakery once I finished school, then at least I'd have a Bachelor's degree to fall back on if shit hits the fan lol. But, I'm a very optimistic and driven person, and my end goal is to have an all-vegan bakery/cafe in the near future.

I love anything food related, whether it be tv-shows, blogs, magazines, cookbooks, or those clips of sped up recipe videos on instagram. I'm most inspired by European style pastries (Great British Bake Off is my ish) and I love experimenting with new/different ~hip~ flavors. I also love aesthetics + coffee. So I always make sure that everything I present is pleasing to the eye because I'm the biggest hipster I know.

Birthday for a vegan friend? Anniversary with your vegan gf? Get together with your vegan squad? Help me, help you, my friend! I can make cakes, pies, cookies, basically anything you can think of, I can recreate as vegan! If you're interested in samples, I can provide that too! Please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm very open to any flavor combinations/styles and I love challenging myself to new baked goods. Cheers!