who is flora?

flora bakeshop is an all vegan pop-up bakery in san diego, california. flora was inspired by the term "flora and fauna" which was influenced by the owner's love for nature, the environment, and all things floral. flora bakeshop strives to use ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible while still maintaining the integrity of a quality bake and showcasing unique flavor combinations. flora's goal is to eliminate the stigma that comes with vegan food & to prove that sweets can still taste amazing minus the eggs, dairy, and refined sugar. at the end of the day...these are just well made pastries.

*No physical storefront!


Camille Dumbrique

Camille is the owner & vegan baker of flora bakeshop. besides the business, she also has a bachelor's degree in nutrition. when not baking, she can be found hiking, rock climbing, doing some form of exercise, or drinking coffee. she enjoys art in all it's forms and wants to continue traveling the world to experience as many cultures as possible.